Monday, December 21, 2009

Vanilla Extract

A few months ago I started some vanilla extract. Per the directions on the recipe I used it should have been ready after about 8 weeks, but when I checked it; it just wasn't right. So I left it to sit and do its thing. This morning I decided to get it out and check it again and it was much closer to what it should be than before, so I jarred it up to give away as Christmas gifts. I will be starting another batch tomorrow, as soon as I get to the liquor store.

I know the recipe calls for a lot of vanilla beans, and I know how expensive they are. I found a good supplier (I sound like an addict) online, and the beans they shipped me were perfect. I thought they were better quality than the ones you get at the store for $10 each. When I placed my order it bought regular, Mexican, and Tahitian beans. They give directions on how to store, and take care of them. I also bought vanilla extract, and it rivals the stuff that my Mom brought back from Mexico.

Homemade Vanilla

4 cups good Vodka (a fifth) *
8 vanilla beans

Split vanilla beans in half, drop into vodka. Put in a cool dark place for 3 months giving it a shake when you remember. Enjoy!!

*You could also use a good bourbon if you didn't want to use the vodka. I will be trying both this next time.

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