Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lessons Learned

We took the boat out on her maiden voyage on sunday. It was fabulous. We just ran around the reservoir and had a chance to learn how it handled and responded. The boys are already asking when we get to go again, it will be every weekend until school starts at least.

My parents have always had boats, always, so when Hubby said he wanted one I was so excited. We found the Evinrude and it is going to be such a great starter boat for both of us. Even though I was practically raised in a boat it is not the same when you are the owner/operator.

Hubby has been in a few boats off and on mostly with friends for a day here and there, so it was quite the experience when he had to unload/reload the boat today. Along with that he learned to always put in the plug. We had just all gotten in the boat when I noticed the floor was wet towards the back of the boat. I asked him why it was wet and he said "oh **** I forgot to put in the plug".

We/He learned a few lessons today:

1. Always remember to put in the plug

2. You can put in the plug while the boat is in the water if you lay across the stern.

3. Everyone forgets the plug.....at least once.

I am sure those are just the beginnings of the lessons to come, but it was funny and a good way to start it all out. Next weekend they are trying to talk me into getting in the water....we will see about that.

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