Monday, November 22, 2010


My Backyard

We are staying home today. One the roads are icy, two the boys have no school and three I need to clean and prepare for thanksgiving, though instead of doing that I am on here. Not the best use of my time.

In the valley we rarely get snow, so when we do it is a big deal. The boys already have plans to go out and make a snowman. I don't have the heart to tell them there isn't enough snow for that.

The Front yard

Even the pond is iced over. Hubby went out and broke a hole before I took this though, the fish needed some fresh air since the pumps are turned off.


  1. I know. I'm sitting at the computer still unshowered too! The girls already went outside to play briefly and were disappointed there was not enough for a snowman. Enough for some nice snow angels though.

  2. Oh, wow! What beautiful snow just in time for Thanksgiving! Living in Savannah, we get snow every 7 years! :(


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