Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas eve! Today is a busy day, so that tomorrow can be relaxing and quiet. This morning I am baking cupcakes, delivering a cake and getting things ready to go the in-laws tonight. Then hopefully I can attend Christmas eve service. I wrapped the last two gift last night, I would have been done already but we couldn't decide if we wanted to put them together or to leave them in the box. We left them in the box, that will give Hubby something to do tomorrow.

A few years ago I found NORAD through another site. I can't find the site now, but I can give you NORAD. We do Santa in house. We make a pretty big deal of it, along with why we celebrate Christmas. If you were to ask the boys about Christmas they say something about Santa and presents and that it is Jesus' birthday. C is getting old enough now that I'm unsure how much longer we can pull off this Santa thing, this may be his last year which is fine, but he will need to suck it up for his brothers for a few more years.

If you are tired of answering for the millionth time when Santa is coming go and check out NORAD they will give you his location and when to expect him.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. We still do Santa, even though daughter is 15, lol. My parents did Santa for my sisters and I on into our early adulthood, way past the time of true believing, but it was still fun to wake up and see what Santa brought (since at our house, Santa gifts were (are) never wrapped and they're just there, around the tree on Christmas morning). Hey, I even received a bike from Santa in my late 30s ;)

    Hope you had a great Christmas. I'm just back to following blogs and am glad to see your new one. :) Happy New Year.


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