Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Traditions

We all have family traditions, be it big or little. Ones that we look forward to, and ones that we think not so much. When Hubby and I got married, we struggled to make some traditions of our own. That continued a few years until C came along, I thought hey I have a baby now, we need to step it up, and we tried to do some of our own things but it was still hard. Then K came along,  and we started to do more. By the time that M came along, we had things figured out. We try to involve our families as much as we can, but there are many things that we do just for us.

The first weekend of December we get our Christmas tree. The next we take our trip on the Polar Express. I go shopping with my Mom, on another day I shop with my Mother-in-law, we go to a cocktail party that my beautiful friend G puts on.  We have a dinner with my Dad's family a week before Christmas. we go to Hubby's parents every year on Christmas eve, then on Christmas day we stay home, until it is time to make the short trip to my parents house for dinner.

This year we added a few things, we are hosting Hubby's family Christmas party (we will see if we do that again next year), I am hosting a cookie decorating party and I think it will be something that we do every year. Another thing that I am working on is New years. I know we haven't it Christmas yet, but for the last few years we have had one of our friends over (with kids) for dinner and last year they brought fireworks. I am hoping to continue that and possibly add a few more people over the years. It is family friendly and while it would be fun to do a cocktail party, it is great for the kids to be in on something too, who knows what it will turn into someday.

Sorry if this is rambling, it happens......what are some of your families traditions?? Are you looking to make some of your own still or you do have it down already??

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