Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven quick takes plus a bonus one

1. I finally took down the few remaining "winter" decorations, I replaced them Valentine's day decor. That luckily will come down when it should.

2. While I was outside (it was nice for once) I also did some weeding around the pond. There will be plenty of work this spring once things warm up enough to get out there more. All all the bulbs that I planted last fall are coming up and I am eager to see how they look.

3. The birthday planning is in full swing for K & M. There birthdays are close enough (three days) that I luck out and only have to plan one big party. I am hoping that will continue, but I am sure as they get older that will change. They do have different theme's but luckily for me it is a simple switch of this and that and done.

4. We are also talking about birthday plans for Hubby. His is three days after K, so he usually gets dinner and that's it since we are tired and all partied out, but this year we are talking family outing/weekend away/not sure yet. But whatever it is, it will be fun.

5. I have been cooking/baking, but it is more experimenting, so I haven't been sharing. The biggest problem is that I make it know what I need to do to make it better but then I don't remake it again. I know bad.

6. Back to the birthdays, mine was last week. I turned 32 without a lot of hoop. My girlfriends took me out to tea, they gave me awesome gifts and it was quiet and nice. I loved every second of it, they are the family that I got to choose and I love them all the more since they chose me too. Hubby and my parents took me to dinner that night and it was great. We went to a local restaurant that is one of my favorites and had a great time.

7. I won't tell you about the crappy part of my birthday, because he already knows what he did.

8. I seem to have hurt my hip working out, luckily for me I take a rest day then it feels better enough to go again. Then it hurts again. Vicious cycle. Well I'm off to run........

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  1. Enjoyed reading your list. :) Happy belated birthday. No weeding here for a long while as winter weather is in full swing for at least another 2 months. We're presently awaiting, what might be, one of the biggest snowstorms here in a very long time. I'm hopeful. Have a great week. :)


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