Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Girls

The girls will be two this year and that means that it is time to start getting ready to replace them. No we won't be getting rid of the older girls, we are just adding to what we have, eventually they will stop laying all together, and then they will live out there lives as pets. The older ones have already slowed down on laying and right now they aren't laying anything at all, so I stopped by the farm store (4th trip) and drooled over the new little girls. I couldn't take and it anymore and I bought 16 chicks (90% that they are all girls) now we get to start over by getting out the stock tank again and once mid may hits we can turn them out with the big ones.

This time I bought 4 different varieties. I couldn't just decide on one. Last time I bought the Buff's and Rode Island whites, this time I bought Rode Island Reds, Buff and two others. I didn't buy the Sex Link's again. I wanted to try out a couple new breeds instead.

Orpington, these are one of my most favorite. They fall into the medium production for laying and produce large brown eggs. They will turn into large fluffy brown hens, with attitude. I love attitude.

Ameraucana I bought two of these, really just for fun. They lay a medium blue/green egg.


  1. I have seen pictures of those blue/green eggs and they are so pretty! Have fun with the new babies!

  2. Aren't baby chicks adorable?! We have looked at them lately, but since we had a mama hen hatch 10 chicks, all of whom are healthy and thriving, we don't plan on buying any right now. Enjoy your new girls!

  3. They're so precious!! We have chicks at our local Rural King store and I've often said to Jim how I would love to keep chickens, but alas... we're in town. :D If we were just 5 minutes out of town, in the country, we could do it and of course, I'd have no idea what I'm doing but I could always ask my Mom who grew up on farms. She doesn't have quite the fond memory though of keeping chickens, as she was a little girl and she said that "the mean hens would peck at her as she tried to get the eggs". :)

    I loved reading this - you live an interesting life.


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