Friday, April 1, 2011

G's Birthday Quilt

Remember the red and black sneak peak from earlier this month, well that was for my friend G for her birthday. A few years ago I made one of my girlfriends a quilt for her birthday, then life (babies) got in the way and I never got around to making quilts for my other friends.

I had never made this pattern before and it was fun, and fairly easy.  I love the red, black and white colors of this quilt they are just perfect (to me). I hope she loves it too. I made this big enough for watching movies on the couch and cuddling with kids. I know mine always want to share when I get out my blanket too.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! And it would go so well with my living room!

  2. I really like this pattern--it's really eye-catching, but looks pretty simple. I'll have to keep something like this in mind next time I'm making one.


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