Thursday, April 14, 2011


Things have gotten crazy around my house, like stupid crazy. I did this thing where I volunteered to be C's baseball coach, I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking. I'm thinking I wasn't, so that is making life just a bit more hectic right now, this is on top of all the "normal" crazy that we have here. I am living off of lists made of other lists right now just to make sure I don't forget to do anything, and yes those lists include, going for run, showering and picking up the kids from school. That is pretty bad.

So if things are late showing up, or I miss a day or two, you now know why, it must have missed the list at some point.

Thanks for sticking around and I do promise to still post when I can.


  1. I fully understand. ♥

    Take care of yourself and your sweet family and try to find joy in the activities, even if they're adding stress.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend,

  2. Yeah, I'm helping out with Beth's soccer team right now too. Plus I volunteered to make masks for the school musical. Plus work at the school book fair. Plus be the coordinator for our MOPS group. Plus all the other stuff I was already doing. Sometimes I just need to stop and think before I say, "Sure, I can do that!"


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