Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tyramine-Free Diet

I am a headache and migraine sufferer. I have had them my whole life and luckily for me I have had periods in my life that they have disappeared. Well they have returned, and unfortunately for me I passed my headaches and migraines to K. We have been treating them for the last two months and right now he is on a preventative medication which we are still waiting to see if it will work as it takes about a month to kick in, so on top of that we are changing our diet too.

There were two phases to the new diet and the first we have been trying for the last three weeks, and while it seems to have helped some, it doesn't seem to be enough, so we are now trying this diet.  It is recommended by K's neurologist, so in order to say we have done everything that we can, we need to try this too.

Really it just consists of foods that contain tyramine which occurs in aged and processed foods. Well we already eat very few processed foods, so that part won't be so bad, but now we have to eliminate several other things that I am not looking forward to.

The list of No's isn't to long, so that is nice, but the things that are on it I will miss. Chocolate, all freshly made yeast breads (sandwich bread is okay), sourdough, most cheese, caffeine, processed meats, nuts, beans, olives, pickles, peas (okay with me), avocados, figs, raisins, passion fruit, plums, canned soups, cheese crackers, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate, oops did I write that a few times, they put it on the no list after every food group. They also gave me a list of foods that should be avoided examples include macaroni and cheese, pizza (might die), and lasagna.

We are going to try it for three weeks and see how it goes. I am sure he won't like it much, I know I don't, but I would rather he and I both be headache free, and since he has to do it the rest of us are going to try it too.


  1. Oh, man. No chocolate, no cheese. I'm tempted to say "I could never do that!" Except that actually I did. When Beth was a baby her body couldn't handle the proteins in dairy products. Since I was nursing, it meant I was the one who had to avoid these things. For almost an entire year, no milk, chocolate, cheese, etc. And I survived, and it wasn't even that big a deal. I had a tiny splurge once in awhile, but other than that, I made it through just fine, and it really didn't even bother me that much, because I knew I was doing it for my kid.

    Since then, I've certainly added those things back in my diet in a big way, though!

    Hope things go well for you and that this helps.

  2. My Mom, my sister, and I are all lifelong migraine sufferers. Mom is 81 and still has them regularly. We all have mainly Sinus Migraines. What some people refer to Sinus headaches are actually Sinus Migraines. I guess that I can't really be called a lifelong sufferer anymore though, because a few years ago, I went off the birth control pill, and when I did - presto. Like magic, my migraines quit occuring every month. I haven't had a true migraine in around 3 years.

    I was even on prescription medicine (Zomig) for the migraines. YOu would think the doctors would have made a connection between the bc pill and migraines, but never once did they mention it.

    I don't know why I don't have the sinus variety anymore either. My seasonal allergies have left as well.

    Hope your system works for you.

  3. My mom is a migraine sufferer and i will pass this on to her.

  4. I've been on a no-tyramine diet since January. I'm surprised to see that you mention peas - they aren't included on any no-tyramine lists that I've seen, and I've been eating lots of them with no trouble.

    Prior to the diet I had migraines at least once a week, and I've had two in total since I started - both after 'cheating' a little bit and nibbling on some cheese. In addition, my lifelong eczema has improved about 80% and stomach issues (gas, bloating, soreness) has completely disappeared.

    You can make a yummy pizza with goat cheese, tomato, cooked onions etc., and lasagna with ricotta or cottage or cream cheese. You just have to be creative! :)


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