Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Lillies

They have finally started blooming and they are so lovely.

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  1. Mine have just finished blooming because they started a month ago. I love them as well. Yours are really pretty. :)

    I've only mentioned this to one other blogger and she is my niece - I have decided to disconnect from blogging and Facebooking indefinitely. I will still keep up reading my favorites (yours is of course one of those), and I hope you'll understand why I'm not writing on the computer. It will be the topic of my next month newspaper column. All I can say is that I didn't like the addiction factor (especially from Facebook) and even on Blogger, it was becoming increasingly annoying to me with the photo upload feature that was always giving me problems. Beyond this, I realized that I was missing out on life. Since disconnecting last week, my husband and I have gone on walks and bike rides every single evening, and it's my new favorite time of the day. Instead of me plopping down in front of the computer (which I do all day at work anyway), I'm out enjoying life, doing things that I had forgotten how much I loved.
    Linda :)


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