Friday, July 29, 2011

I've got nothing.

Because it's Friday and I haven't really posted anything for the last two weeks. One: I was to busy running madly around trying to get ready for our trip. Two: we got home and I decided it was time to repaint the interior of the house. Now I have to redo the utility room (wrong color) and I still need to paint bathrooms and bedrooms. Ugg!! I must be crazy. 

So I am sharing with you my new shoes, and pasty white Oregonian legs. I bought these a few days before we left for the redwoods hoping and praying they would work. They are now my most favorite shoe. They were so comfortable and I walked in them all day. I would like to say hiked, but really there was no hiking happening with a 3 year old. Next time. So there all that to say here these are awesome and I am buying another pair.

Now I just need to catch up on everything that happened while I was gone along with laundry, weeding and all those other fun things.

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  1. Love the shoes - they do look comfortable. I have a pair of New Balance walking shoes that are many years old now and have held up really well. I wore them on our trip this week, and as I was cleaning them up, I thought that it might be time to get a new pair, but they're still in good shape and they're still really comfortable, so I probably won't.

    Hope you've been having some fun in between all of the hard work! Painting!! Wow! I don't like to paint, and usually save those kind of tasks for the fall/winter months. Today, I'm having a lazy day.

    Happy weekend and hope you have a wonderful trip,


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