Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick takes

1. This was the sunrise this morning, it doesn't get prettier than that. It's due to the fact there are wildfires in the cascades, as such the valley has been hazy and just not pretty. It isn't this time of year anyway, but it's not good right now.

2. I made this yesterday, I'm giving some of it away. I bet you wish you were my friend.

3. I am making dilly beans today, yay!!

4. I also made these yesterday for cookie of the month, it was a good thing I gave them away. I am buying more supplies for them today, and I. will. be. making. them. again. I will share the recipe soon.

5. I also made these for cookie of the month. We still have some of these, they're good.

6. It's going to be hot this weekend, I'm thinking lake.

7. I finished The Help, I may have already told you that, so if I did sorry, I'm losing it. I just started Girls in White dresses, so far so good.

8. I still haven't read Life by Keith Richards. I will this winter.

9. I'm wanting to start indoor projects, but the nice weather is keeping me outside. Soon enough I will wish to be outside again.

10. Next week I am making cake.

1 comment:

  1. You always amaze me with all that you accomplish. It's wonderful. :)

    Hey, I thought I was your friend, lol (regarding the canning). ;)

    The sunrise photo is gorgeous. Love the colors in the sky around this time of the year.

    The cookies are making me hungry - I haven't eaten since breakfast and it's near 2:00 p.m.
    I'll be looking forward to those recipes, thanks.

    What are dilly beans?

    Sounds like you've had some good reading - I haven't read anything lately, just not in the mood.

    Maybe the heat that they're projecting for here for Monday/Tuesday next week is coming in from your area. We are cold right now - it's been cool all week now. Went from 102 to 50s, though 50s are only the lows. It's still getting to the upper 60s/low 70s during the day which makes it nice for walking and biking.

    Have a wonderful weekend. We're off to Sarah's band competition tomorrow, way out in the sticks.


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