Saturday, September 24, 2011

A surprise

This last Thursday was my Dad's birthday, and as with most of his birthdays the last 20 years or so he was in elk camp (bow hunting). Mom was going over to spend the last weekend of the season with him and I decided it would be a great quick trip and surprise if I brought the boys over on his birthday.

We didn't get to get out as much as we would have liked. The weather turned off hot again, and with no rain and all the wildfires around there were no campfires and no hikes. Plus the hornets were really bad. We did go up and see the high prairie along with exploring an old gold mine.

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  1. Such a wonderful surprise for your Dad! Great decision on your part and I'm glad you had a wonderful time, even if it turned off hot again. Wonder where that heat is going... it's definitely not here where we're now fully entrenched in true Autumn weather - after the hottest summer we had, September has been relatively cool and nice.
    Hope you have a great new week,


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