Friday, October 14, 2011

This week

1. This hasn't been a great week. M came down sick Monday night and then K came down sick Wednesday night. Two different bugs, so at the is point my hands are chapped and about ready to bleed with all the hand washing going on here. I'm not sick yet, yet being the correct word.

2. It is staying dark to late in the mornings. I know that will all change soon enough and I will complain that it's dark at 4:30 but really I would like to go for a run before J has to leave for work. FYI I won't run in the dark, I'm scared of it. Plus there are no street lights or anything but wild things out in the middle of nowhere and I don't feel like dealing with a raccoon or opossum today.

3. I made a few really good things yesterday, they will be coming soon.

4. I had several things flop horribly this week. It wasn't good for morale.

5. I made this, it was so yummy,  I made a few modifications and will make a few more as it's to spicy for me (the GERD is acting up).

6. Today my wonderful Mother-in-law is coming over to watch the boys so I can go to the grocery store. Normally I go with the kids in tow, no problem, but I don't want to subject my already sick kids to more germs, plus she offered. Yay for me!

7. It's the 14th of October and I already have something on every Saturday of December planned. This does not bode well.

8. The boys have a sharpshooting competition tomorrow. I am praying that C stays healthy and that K's croup eases up so he can shoot.

9. I have pictures of yummy things to share, and I will next week, promise.


  1. I hope that wellness overcomes your house soon and that everyone is back to their normal selves enjoying life! :)

    Why is it that weekends can fill up so quickly? I think we overschedule. I know I do sometimes, but I try not to. I'm not happy when I'm going all the time, so I purposely say no to a lot. Still, even then - this is a busy time of year with all of the Birthdays we have and holidays.

    Hope that your weekend goes well.
    Linda :)

  2. Busy! I love getting to grocery shop alone!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend after this busy week!


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