Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Things

1. I was busy yesterday, so today you get this.

2. J played hookie yesterday, the shop had nothing on the books, and no one called so we went and did a bit of black Friday shopping. I came home with a new phone (needed it anyway) and a Christmas wreath. We're big spenders.

3. Christmas lights and most of the decorations are up. I have to confess I started listening to Christmas music last week. I couldn't help it.

4. On top of my running I've added in Jillian's 30 day shred to my routine 6 days a week. I can say it is doing great things. This I am excited about.

5. I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas and my birthday, the problem is I have no clue. This is bad.

6. I bought an advent quilt this year. Now I just need to fill in all the pockets. I need to get on that.

7. Today....I am not sure what today holds, we don't really have plans. The boys have shooting this morning, then the Civil war game is on this afternoon....I like going into the weekend with it not being packed full of stuff, but I also like having a bit of a game plan too.

8. I made pie again yesterday. I had one bite on thanksgiving (not apple), but I wanted apple, so I made one, then I ate two pieces. It was wrong, but so very good.

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  1. I always love reading about what you've been up to. Wow - I'm sort of impressed you did a little Black Friday shopping and glad you got something, but for me - I have no interest in any shopping at this time of the year out with the crowds, lol. Really - I'm getting ready to order a few "last minute" stocking stuffers for my daughters, and yes this is where I love to shop from - my couch on the laptop. ;)

    Instead, all of Black Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. was spent on decorating, inside and out. I'm glad to have everything done and all of the gifts wrapped. It's been a productive weekend.

    Like you, I started listening to Christmas music, but not so much the week before - I really like to ease into this part of things, but the day before Thanksgiving, I was working on stuff at home, and I played my favorite - the Peanuts/Vince Gauraldi CD over and over again. I love jazz and love the piano. That's my kind of Christmas music.... more on that in an upcoming blog. ;)

    I am behind on my blogging, so please forgive my tardiness.

    I did end up writing a blog, starting at midnight last night and posting all of the photos which was taking hours and so I resumed it this morning. I started uploading them to the Picasa web album and moving them over that way, because the other way (direct from my photo drive) was giving me great troubles. Anyway - while I was at it, I did upload to Facebook, because the thing is - there are family there who would never look at the blog but love seeing the photos in the albums there. So.... as to my future decision on things- I don't know how I can get away from doing both things. Time will tell.

    Hope you have a great week.
    Love, Linda


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