Monday, March 19, 2012

What went wrong...

For those who don't already I know, I run. This isn't something that I always did. I am a newer runner. In school I was the uncoordinated girl who didn't participate in team sports, I sat on the sidelines and wished I was them. I just didn't have it in me.

Fast forward to April 2009...long story short I started to run. At first I could barely run a few of the dashes on the road, then I worked up to power poles, from there I got to 3 miles and that started to be easy. This last fall I decided I needed a challenge and I signed up for the Corvallis Half Marathon in April. I was doing good, I had progressed slowly to 9 miles then all hell broke loose. I got shin splints and not the kind that you just keep pushing through. I didn't listen to my body, I didn't listen to my doctor, so I've now been battling them since December. I have been in physical therapy since the end of January and I will conclude my sessions next week. (getting old is not fun) The bummer is if I had listened to begin with I would be back to training for my half, instead I am going to miss it. I could walk it, I did pay for it, but really what is the point of that. I wanted to be strong.

I am back to square one. I have started running again, but with very limited mileage and with time constraints and limiting of days. I just wish to be back to where I was before, when I was strong, healthy and I didn't have to worry. All I had to do was slip on my shoes and go. Another thing that I've lost in the last few months is the love that I had for running, the fun of it has been taken away, and I miss that so very much. I am hoping that once I am healed fully and back to my old self that my love will come back and I will once again enjoy it just as much as I did before.

The plan is to run the Run Away Pumpkin Half in October, try again for the Corvallis Half next April then do my first full marathon ??? ....that is my hope though I am sure anything could happen between here and there.

Through all of this I have had wonderful support from my family, friends and my online friends, helping me on my down days, telling me it will get better, lots of advice and love. I appreciate each of them so very much.

I am starting over again, and for those who don't think it is possible, it is.


  1. It is always possible :-D As you know, you just have to be smart and work through whatever gets thrown your way. The setbacks make you appreciate the good runs and that you can run and I think (at least for myself) it's a huge character builder. You will learn to run again, and it's not fun when you dread a run as you have no idea what to expect. It happens to all of us. You WILL get past it!

    Maybe I'll come join you for Corvallis :-D

  2. I love this post - the way you wrote it. The first paragraph could have easily been me describing myself in school. I admire you so much for what you've accomplished and what you will still accomplish in time. Sometimes I think we tend to judge ourselves against other people's accomplishments (or vice versa, there are those people who will always look down on those who don't accomplish nearly enough in their eyes), but I think it's enough to "just be doing", whether it's walking 1 mile or 3 or running. Funny thing is, I've been having this reoccuring dream of me running. I'm always enjoying myself in the dream. It hasn't been the case yet in real life (I have bad knee issues, so walking seems to be the thing for me). :)

    Hang in there, I know you'll find better days ahead.

    Love, Linda


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