Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wall-E Cake

While we were at Michael's last month 2 saw the Wall-E cake pan, and just had to have it for his birthday. Well we made it last week for his party and it was adorable. It is really so easy to do a molded cake pan, they all take a regular cake mix (one that would make 2-8" cakes), and just some decorator frosting, so simple and easy.

I made a homemade red velvet cake that I got from my Martha Stewart Cupcakes Cookbook. It was perfect!! Really all you are looking for in a red velvet cake. Tender, flavorful and of course red.  I will share recipe with you later this week.

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  1. Your cakes are always fantastic!!! I leave those sorts of things to the experts, as I have no patience with baking. You are definitely an expert. :)


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