Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Promises, Promises

I know I keep promising I will be back soon, well it just hasn't been happening. We moved most of our stuff on March 28th, then Sis had D the next weekend, the next weekend we moved the remaining "stuff" and then this last weekend we decided what the heck and put in the new floor.....yeah things are crazy around here. That on top of all the other commitments and I just don't have much time. Though I have a new bread recipe that I am excited to share, and I will soon....promise.

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  1. It's quite understood why you don't have time. Moving is stressful!! ♥

    Glad you're continuing to get settled.

    These days at the end of the school year are pretty hectic for me as well with High School cheerleading tryouts this week, end-of-school-year band concerts, Graduation, my Mom's 80th Birthday, Band trips, etc., etc...... Every weekend we have something, though I tend to like this pace. I can't get over how fast the time goes, as I'm sure you can attest, especially in the midst of moving.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend ahead,


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