Sunday, August 8, 2010

Linzertorte Bars

Hubby and I were lucky enough to go out on a date friday night. This normally never happens, not the date, those are rare, but what was more rare was it that is was friday night. After we went to dinner and the baseball game we headed over to borders so he could get a couple of magazines and I looked for a book. Well then I browsed the cookbook section and I found a few more to add to the collection. Yes I bought three new cookbooks, the worst part is that they are all dessert cookbooks, this I really don't need in my life, but alas they are here and marvelous.

This recipe came out of the Williams and Somona Desserts Cookbook. I changed it a bit as the recipe called for raspberry or apricot preserves, well all I have is strawberry or raspberry freezer jam right now (not big on preserves anyway) and as I am opposed to purchasing jam/preserves/jelly I used what I had on hand. Plus Hubby is a big fan of strawberry jam, so we went with that. He said they tasted excellent, so we will just stick with what he likes. Right. Good.

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  1. Wow that looks delicious and we rarely ever eat desserts and I don't really bake. :)
    It's great that you had a real date night!


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