Friday, August 13, 2010

The Menu

For Sis's shower this weekend we are doing desserts. I had thought about just doing one big cake, it would have been so much simpler and easier, but no I decided to do a small dessert bar, and they are calling for the weather to be somewhere near the triple digit mark. Can I just run away to the lake instead?? I am hoping that my desserts don't all melt in the heat.

I will be making these Lemon bars

These Devils Foods cupcakes in mini form

These Cheesecake bars

Along with those I am making three types of Truffles, Mini Vanilla Cupcakes, and Cream Puffs with Vanilla pasty cream. For beverages we are having Sun Tea and Strawberry Lemonade. I will have more pictures come next week. Have a great weekend and stay out of the heat.

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