Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have been in project mode lately, and it is all about the sewing. At the moment I have no less than 6 quilts that I am working on, and 4 more that I am doing to make. The ones that are currently being worked on are  in all states of being finished. One just needs the binding rolled and whip stitched, another needs binding sewn on then stitched and I have one (probably last one) that I am hand quilting. Three are being sewn and while I never sew more than one at a time with the patterns that I am using it was simpler to just get them through the first step then work on them individually. Now that they are through that step, I can get them finished in the afternoons when I have a moment or two.

As soon as I have them done I will share pictures. It does take awhile for the finished product though. I can cut and sew a child (crib size) quilt in two days or less, it just depends on the amount of time I have. It is getting it quilted that takes about 6 weeks. Really it is more like a two month process for them to be totally completed.

They are a work of love that I enjoy making and giving. That being said, I am considering selling a few of my quilts, so I am asking you, is that something that you would buy? Would you purchase a handmade quilt for someone? These would be pre-made, and at this time I wouldn't take orders because life happens and sometimes I don't have time to sew. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Six quilts at one time! That's amazing. I'm working on one, and will consider myself lucky if I get it done before my sister-in-law's baby is born.

    I personally wouldn't buy a quilt, because I enjoy making them (when I get around to it) but it would be a gift I would love to receive, and I would consider it a great gift to give as well.


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