Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shark Cupcakes

As I said before the boys each got to pick a theme for there birthdays and the ladies at Frogs and Pollywog's were so nice about doing two themes for the boys at the same time. K requested a shark theme and that is when I really started to scratch my head. Then I figured that since I was already making cookies for M's cupcakes why not do the same type of thing for K's.

These turned out adorable and he loved them. I know the gray isn't the most attractive color, but he wanted them to look like a Great White so there you go. That's a almost 6 year old for you.

The cookies were decorated with royal icing and the cupcakes were topped with buttercream. YUM!

FYI: I wasn't ask to write anything for Frogs and Pollywogs they know me just because I spend money there, but they are a locally owned toy store that sells good quality toys that my kids love.

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  1. The cupcakes are wonderful!! Great job! :)
    Hope you have a nice weekend since we're here at Friday once again.


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