Friday, April 29, 2011

A few quick updates....

1. I am still coaching C's baseball team. It has been a steep learning curve, since I never played. The kids are having fun, and I haven't been driven to drink yet.....yet is the key word. I keep telling myself that I only have blank many games yet and then it will all be over. At this point it is 8, only 8 more games.

2. I put away all my sewing stuff. I am glad to be done for awhile, though there were projects that I didn't complete that I wish I would have. That will just leave a few more things for this fall since I won't have as many quilts to make.

3. After a year I am finally painting the inside of the house, I am planning on tackling the project next month when the weather is nicer, so I can open windows, so we don't die from all the fumes. I am also having a local company come out and give me a quote on painting the outside of the house....we will see if that happens this year or next.

4. Another project that we are finally getting started on is my office space. We have a small building that we moved here when we moved last year. We did the roof last summer. This year we are going to put in new windows, a door, new siding, and paint too. Once that is done we can turn our focus on the inside which needs to be totally gutted and redone. Drywall, flooring, all of it, but once it is done it will be a great office/sewing/hiding-from-the-kids-space for me. Really it isn't something that I can truly use as my full time office until M goes off to Kindergarten in two more years, so as long as it is done by that point I will be happy. Good thing too because it might just take that long to finish.

5. I am planting part of my garden this weekend. I am putting in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and hopefully marion berries. I am also going to work on my herb garden. I sprayed it out, things were just out of control, so now I am going to rip it all out and start over. Now to figure out what I really want, and what I will really use.

6. Speaking of planting, we are still planning on a few fruit trees, I just need to decide which ones that we want. I know it is getting a bit late to plant them, but I am hopeful that we can still get them in the ground this year.

7. So those weren't horribly quick now were to work on our batting order and outfield positions, fun times.


  1. I always love reading your updates. You have a lot going on. :) Hope you have an enjoyable weekend,

  2. I'm doing the same "only __ many games left" with soccer, too. We only have two more left, woohoo!

    We planted some of the garden yesterday too--lettuce, broccoli, potatoes--hoping the weather stays nice and I'll see some sprouts coming up soon!

  3. We are getting ready to plant our garden too. Got it tilled, but we need to get the stuff to put in it. few tomatos, LOTS of broccoli for my fiend (morgan) Zucchini and peppers. We dont have a huge space So I am being very stratigic.

    As for fruit trees look into a pluot (a cross of an apricot and plum)they flower prettily and the fruit is good. You can never go wrong with an apple or a pear tree either. The only thing you have to watch out for are trees that require you to have 2 of them so that they get pollinated properly. Happy tree hunting!


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