Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Choices, Choices

This week the boys school is having one of it's large fundraisers. I offered to make a cake for the dessert of the month raffle, and now I am stumped. I can't decide.

Chocolate or Strawberry?? What do you think??


  1. Well, I'm partial to Strawberry, but some people (I don't know who actually, but so I've heard) are allergic to berries... and I suppose it could be the same for chocolate yet I never hear anything about that and everyone I know seems to love, LOVE, Chocolate cake.
    So, there's my opinion (or lack thereof), ha. :) I'm sure of one thing: Whatever you make will be delicious and happily devoured.
    Happy Midweek!

  2. Strawberry--it's fresh, seasonal, and different.

  3. lemon.
    wait, that wasn't one of the choices. although i'd prefer strawberry, the majority of the population always goes for chocolate. why not do a neapolitan type of thing and include both? :)

  4. Mmmm Lemon and strawberry combo. Now that would be good.


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