Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My must haves....

We all have those thing in our kitchen that are our must haves. They always have to be in the cupboard, and they are your go to in the "what to make for dinner" "last minute...can you make this" type of stuff. For me it is a list of all the things to make my families favorite dishes.

I just got to thinking maybe you don't have a stock pile of things in your cupboards, perhaps you live in town and your can run to the store for last minute times when needed. Well living in the middle of nowhere that isn't an option for me. I make a weekly run to the store for all my basics but more than likely I am back at least once to pick up something I forgot or if I decide to make something new and don't have it on hand. No I am not patient enough to wait till next week. It has to be now.

My list:
Flour: white, wheat, cake
Sugar: white, brown, dark brown, sanding, powdered
Butter unsalted only please, when I get down to two pounds I start to worry
Vanilla: Only the good stuff, and vanilla beans
Eggs: lots of them
Yogurt: plain is better to work with
Sour cream
Cream cheese-I am out right now, used it up on the dessert.....not good.
Heavy cream & fat free half and half, always in my fridge
Tomato sauce
Re fried beans
Cake mix & frosting-emergency purposes
Brownies-still working on homemade ones
Cheese- at least 5 different ones, minimum
Carrots, peppers, onions, broccoli, strawberries, mushrooms, apples, lemon
Cool whip-yes it's okay
??? I am sure I left something off that I will regret later.

What's on your must have list? Honestly mine got longer than I expected it to.


  1. I have a lot of the same things, minus the sweets - I still don't bake much, lol. :) All sorts of canned tomatoes are on my list, because I like to make homemade sauce at any given moment and use them in a variety of recipes. Yogurt is never on our list because no one likes it - and milk is not often on there either because I've never drank it (even as a kid) and Sarah can't have it (milk protein allergy). But yes to all of the varieties of sugar, because I don't only use them in baking, and lots of different cheeses. Oh and Onions - I always have to have onions on hand. Also Campbells Tomato soup, for the occasional time that I make a lunch at home (with grilled cheese). I also always have a lot of frozen vegetables on hand for a quick side dish.

    We do live in a small town and we have a good grocery store, but I still only like to go there once every 2 weeks. That's how I've always done my shopping. We will stop in if I run out of something or if we have an unplanned last minute get-together, but normally I have everything on hand for 2 weeks of meals. :)

    Good topic!

  2. Strawberries, wow! Do you use frozen, or splurge on having them from the grocery store year-round?

    For me, one of those things is frozen blueberries. I can't wait till they are ripe again this year so I can have fresh.

    Also tortillas--never know when we're going to decide to do tacos for dinner because it's easy and everyone likes it. And chips and salsa, because it's husband's favorite snack.

    Vanilla yogurt for the grown-ups (the good, no corn syrup kind) and lots of the cheap, fruity varieties for the kids.

    String cheese--another go-to snack.


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