Tuesday, August 23, 2011


1. The boys are off to school two weeks from today. I should probably get on that back to school shopping thing.

2. C had to have new waders this year. It makes me thankful for Cabelas.

3. In the last month I have finished three books. This is a lot for me. I absolutely love reading but the last few years I rarely found the time, now that the boys are getting older and more self sufficient I find that I have a few minutes in the evenings to read. I am loving it.

4. Speaking of reading....you have to read Water for Elephants you won't be sorry. I finished it last night and I already want to read it again, but The Help is waiting for me.

5. Still on the topics of books, I bought myself a new toy this summer. It's a Nook. I love it. I thought about buying one forever, and just couldn't bring myself to do it. Well I broke down and bought it and I love it. The only thing that I don't love is the glare that you get in the sun. The best part is I can browse the web, it's color and I can get books on it. I thought I would miss the turning of pages, what I love is that I have so many books in one spot and it has decreased the clutter in my house. Yay!!

Not that books are clutter, they aren't.

6. Lately I have been realizing more and more just how much of a charmed life that I lead. I am blessed and so lucky.

7. Summer break is almost over, we still have a few more fun things that we are planning with the boys, we still haven't made it to the lake yet, and I am desperate to go....

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  1. Loved reading your update :) You reminded me of "Water for Elephants", the movie rather that Sarah and I wanted to see and never did. We'll have to look for that. I understand what you mean about reading - when the kids are younger, it's difficult - though that's when I used to read with Sarah every single night at bedtime (chapter books). I miss those days sometimes. I too enjoyed some reading in the past month, but now bike riding every single evening takes up my time with my husband. Just the two of us go (because a teenage daughter will NOT be seen out bike riding with her parents, no way, no how). Some nights we bike as much as 6 - 7 miles round trip which is A LOT for us. It's fun and great exercise! Especially tonight, when it was windy! :O

    I'm not at all interested in the electronic reading devices - I don't even like computers or cell phones much and would probably go back to the pioneer days in a minute when it comes to a lot of things, lol. I love the weight, smell, and texture of books - I'm very much a sensory type person. But... I'm glad you like yours and that it's bringing you enjoyment. :)

    We're into our 2nd week of school here - well actually the first full week, and it's so much easier than the start of last school year when it was the first year of high school and all new. Now we feel like pros at everything, but I know that will soon backfire in my face, because likely I'll have to nag about homework and projects all too soon.

    Have a beautiful week,


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