Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I like right now......

It's a never ending list but I thought you might enjoy a few things that are on it.

1. I made this last night and I it was delicious.

2. I bought this at Costco and I am so excited to start working on a new project.

3. I'm not a huge watermelon fan, but J brought one of these home last night and I had to stop myself
from eating the whole thing.

4. Still loving my Nook and I am in the middle of The Help right now. If you haven't read it yet, then start.

5.  I bought this several months ago and still haven't made anything out of it yet, that is going to change next week. Just wait.

6.  I still love this place.

7. I think I want to go here, here, and here on vacation, and soon.

8. I want to do this next year.

9. I made some awesome corn chowder twice this week, I will be sharing soon.

Good things are coming......



  1. Hi,
    You've got some great plans for sure. I'd love to visit all of those places as well, though it's probably not going to happen for me.

    I've never seen watermelon like that. I actually am a fan of watermelon - melons are some of the few fruits I actually like. We've had a good watermelon year in the garden.

    The 100+ degree temperatures have left here now and dare I say, it feels slightly more like the approaching Fall season. We even had RAIN overnight - isn't that amazing? Yep, it is, considering we're in a drought and haven't had it for a long while. The grass even has a tinge of green out there this morning. :)

    Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend.

  2. You'll have to let me know how your neg/slide/pic scanner works, if you like it. My parents have one, but I'm thinking I might need to get myself one, one of these days. We got my mom's negs all scanned last summer and she's working on slides now. We still have lots of pics to go, though... Looks like a wonderful list all the way around, though, have a great day!


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