Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vanilla Sugar

As part of our homemade Christmas this year I made some vanilla sugar to put into the baskets too. Last year I bought vanilla beans in bulk from here, and needing a place to store them I stuck them in sugar, the result of that is vanilla bean flavored sugar. You could easily do this with a casing from a vanilla bean that you needed and scraped the seeds out of.

Vanilla Sugar
1 vanilla bean with or without seeds

Place vanilla bean in container with sugar and seal. It should ready in about 2 weeks, keep adding more pods when you have used ones. As you use your sugar keep adding more to it. Put on the lid and give it a good shake to mix it up a bit.

The sugar is rather clumpy since it has drawn the moisture from the vanilla beans. The clumps can be easily broken with a spoon.

Note: I didn't put my vanilla bean pods in with the sugar, I used them (pod and all) but since the beans had been in the sugar for 16 months it is very flavored. I will be giving instructions on how to keep the sugar going.

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  1. You always come up with the best ideas! Love it. Love your backdrop of beautiful Autumn leaves as well. Most of our color here is gone now - blown away on the winds, but there are still a few trees remaining. The only people we gift are our children, my parents, each other, and my nieces, though I still usually always make something for my sisters because I just want to. :)


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