Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Things

1. We finally got our pictures done, our luck held out and we had nice weather too. Now I am anxiously awaiting the proofs.

2. We are in birthday party mode this weekend. The boys are at the age now that they are no longer all invited to all the parties. Which is fine with me, it's part of life, and the older ones really don't mind.

3. I haven't baked much this week. On Monday I made pumpkin mini muffins for M's preschool snack and that was it. I think the butter thinks I'm mad at it.

4. I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo this year. I figure if at the end of November I am really not into it then you will hear from me a couple times a month. When my baking/cooking challenges are due. I am still not sure what I want this space to be and as such I post a bit of everything and I'm not sure how well that really works.

5. I started a new project a few weeks ago, I am scanning all of my parents pictures and I will be making them into a photo book. It's become it's own little beast and I was hoping to be farther along with it than I am. I am trying to put them in chronological order, that is what's holding me up. While going through the pictures I realized just how many more photos I take of the boys than my parents did of us. They took plenty of photos, but I think with digital it's easier to just keep snapping away.

Okay so that was just a bunch of totally random stuff. Sorry.



  1. Well, I love reading your random stuff. :)

    I'm sure your photos are going to be lovely. Hope the boys have a great time at the birthday parties, I laughed at your comment about the butter, and sometimes a blog just evolves into something else. Like friendship. ;)

    I admire the task you've taken on with your parents photos and having done some similar work, I know what a task that is and I still have boxes and boxes to go. I think you're right about the digital age - as mentioned before, there are not a lot of photos of my sisters and I, or at least not nearly as many as what I have of our family now. But at the same time, I know people who have tons of photos and home movies from their childhoods in the 1960s and 70s so it seems that my parents have just never been much for photos. In fact, Dad gripes every time I bring out the camera at an event and I basically tell him to "be quiet, sit and smile, because someday we're going to really appreciate having these photos!" :D

    Happy weekend!!

  2. So it took me six days to realize that you are NaBloPoMo-ing too.



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