Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Girls

Chloe and Annie aka the girls. They have grown so much since we brought them home in June. They are now mostly outdoor kitties, and they live in the garage. They have both become great mousers. Annie is a love bug, when I got outside in the morning she climbs up on me until I pet her, she doesn't care if I am putting on my shoes, petting her is the most important thing.  Chloe is more aloof, but the moment you pet her she will start purring. They will both follow me around outside "helping" with what I'm doing. They come when called, yes I know that sounds funny, but they do. I am so glad that we brought them home, and they are apart of our lives.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Heather - You're making me want to get another cat!! Chloe and Annie are soooooo beautiful! I love their colors. Have always been fond of cats with these colorings. It doesn't sound funny to me at all either about the fact that they come when they're called - Winston is the same way. Cats are so wonderful.

    Hope you're having a beautiful weekend. Looks like good weather there. :)


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