Sunday, November 6, 2011


C is now old enough to start hunting. In march he completed his hunter/gun safety course and in June we signed up for the mentoring program. It allows him to hunt on my tag/license (or any adult) and is a great way to get real hands on knowledge/instruction on all the important bits.

He has yet to shoot his first deer, though it isn't for lack of going out there and waiting, we just haven't seen a deer yet this year. (at least not during shooting hours)

I keep telling him it will happen and he will get one, you just have to keep going and trying. Fortunately we have extra tags that allow us to keep hunting until after the new year, he still has plenty of time even though general season is now over.


  1. How old is old enough? I wonder if Jonah would like to get to go hunting someday. Guns certainly capture his imagination already, but then how to talk about death with him? We keep chickens and we eat chickens but I haven't had an in depth conversation with him about how one becomes the other...

  2. Great photo and thoughts :) Hope he gets his deer soon.
    Love, Linda


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