Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pin Oak

This is the small Pin Oak, as much as I like these trees they are also very frustrating as they hold onto there leaves until spring. They do turn beautiful shades of red and are lovely to look at.

You can see in the picture our fire pit and our stack of firewood. We have yet to have a fire this year (other than cleanup) and I am afraid at this point we probably won't be having one. We keep saying we will but then we just don't make the time to do it.

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  1. We have some pin oaks around too - not in our yard but nearby and yes, they hold their leaves all winter long. An interesting characteristic. Beautiful tree.

    And funny that you mention about the fire pit and lack of fires, other than clean up. It's the same for us. We bought a new fire pit this year and used it maybe once early in the season. All summer and fall long, I thought we'd use it but somehow things just didn't line up accordingly and so Jim and I turned it over (it's just one of those smaller metal fire pits) and stored it last weekend back by the fence, stacking away the chairs that we had around it all summer. Tucking away everything for the winter. Kind of sad.


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