Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

As you have probably noticed I have been making a lot of cheesecake lately. It is so that I can finally find one that I like and will work in a variety of ways. That and I need a really good one for the shower this weekend. This one is a variation of a couple of recipes I have read lately. I like to make things up as I go, but truly with baking as long as you have the basics down you can make anything. What I was really looking for was a cheesecake that would stand on its own, no sauce, no extra this or that, just the cheesecake and it be marvelous. Yes, I realize that is a lot to ask from one item, but I had faith that I could pull it off.

Hubby never takes the time to watch me bake, but on this night he did. I started the cheesecake as I was cleaning up dinner, and he was amazed at the things that go into it. I am sure he never would have guessed sour cream. As I was trying to decide what type of crust to make he had his opinion and I went with mine. Though I decided if it didn't work out I would give his idea a try.

The results were........

Much better than the chocolate chip cheesecake bars (that everyone else has loved, I must be weird). It seemed to have a lot of vanilla after notes, almost to many, though it was creamy and dreamy, I think I am on to something so with a bit more tweaking I might just have it down.

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