Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One of those days, which could be a week....

I swear I think I need to stay away from all technology this week, every time I touch a computer something goes wrong with it. Monday I spent all day working on year end for the shop, Tuesday I woke up to a dead computer, not fun. Luckily I had backed up all my business related items, but I had failed to do so on my personal items. I was not happy. Lucky for me our computer guy came out and fixed it, now I am back up and running and I didn't lose anything which is even better. After that we decided to get our desktop computer out of the closet where it has been hiding and use it for office and I would still have my laptop for all personal things, the problem with that is space. I have a lack of it when it comes to office.

Then this afternoon I am working on getting things set up/installed/cleaned up and I plug in my external hard drives to get a notice saying something needs formatting. This is not right, I am panicked. I look and look and everything looks.......... blank, this is bad. Finally I unplugged them from the dock, plugged them into the laptop and everything was there. The bad part, I was more worried about losing all my photos than I was the business information. That i have a hard copy on, no it wouldn't be fun to re-enter things, but I do know what is where and could rebuild if necessary, the problems with the photos, yeah I have no backup for that, they are on there own external hard drive so I would think they would be safe, now I think it is time to look into some sort of back up system, yeah more money to spend....not so much.

After the last two days it might be a better thing for me to just stay away from all things computer, which isn't going to happen, I still have year end to finish, fun times around here.

I will try to have something yummy for you later this week, hopefully a picture too.

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