Saturday, June 18, 2011


I know I have been absent, and I'm sorry. I got sick this last week, and when I do get sick which is not often I make sure it's good. I am on vicoden, strong antibotics and prilosec. After two sets of lab work, an ultrasound, x-rays and a CT scan, that has all come back good, I am off to see a specialist on monday as no one else knows whats going on. Hopefully they will get this figured out. I jokingly call this my annual infliction as it seems like I really only get sick once a year.

For C's birthday last week we gifted him with a kitten, he has been wanting one for a long time and even though Hubby is allergic he caved to it. We told him about it on his birthday then he went and picked her out.

Here is Annie:

 and because I couldn't resist here is Chloe:

We adopted them from our local humane society. We are all adjusting to the new and we are doing our best to teach them proper household manners (already litterbox trained).

I hope to be back cooking, baking and gardening soon. Thanks for sticking around!



  1. Wow! I hope you're really on the mend. And your new kittens are SO cute. Also, my husband is allergic to cats too but really has not been affected by ours too much.

  2. I hope you're better soon!! Miserable being sick at any time of the year, but especially so in the summer. Jim is sick right now too, but hasn't been to the doctor because it's just a cold that has just started, but he feels miserable.

    The cats are adorable!! I love cats. Sarah and I both have slight allergies but have one anyway. :) I love the colors on yours - they're so cute!!

    Feel better, take care of yourself, and I'll look for you when you return.
    Your friend, Linda


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